After School Enrichment Programs

Session 2         Week of Oct. 23 – Week of Dec. 8-Now Enrolling

Session 3            Week of Jan 8 – Week of Feb. 16

Session 4            Week of Feb. 19 – Week of April 6

Session 5            Week of April 9 – Week of May 18

Now enrolling Session 2 Week of 10/23/2017 through week of 12/08/17

If you find a class is filled/closed, please email the Director, Judy Mattson, to indicate your interest and be placed on a waiting list.

We will provide a small snack for each session but students may bring extra in their lunch boxes.  If a student has food allergies or gluten sensitivities, parents should provide a snack for them.

MONDAY  Club meeting dates Oct. 23, 30; Nov. 6, 13, 27; Dec. 4

Exploring Color Art Club

In this session we will experiment with the 3 primary colors to create all the colors we see around us.
We will make our own creative color wheels, explore lights and darks, and create artwork with the colors we’ve created.
Grades:  Primary      Limit: 8
Mondays: 3:00-4:00 PM
Advisor:  Aimee Strunk
Cost $90.00  FLEX Cost $75.00

Kids in the Kitchen Club
This hands-on class is for children who want to learn cooking skills by creating delicious and beautiful foods.  Each class will include seasonal recipes and local ingredients when possible.  This session we will focus on soups, salads, breads and desserts.  Participants will taste the food they create at the end of each class and will receive all the recipes used in class.
Grades:  3-8         Limit:  10
Mondays: 3:00-5:00 PM
Advisor:  Gwen Eberly
Cost $270.00  FLEX Cost $245.00

Culture Club
Explore cultures and regions around the world through…music samples, food, handicrafts, imagery, facts (differences/similarities, history, language nuances, etc.), virtual field trips, folklore, and science.
Student discoverers will be led by teacher and cultures and interests of club members will be taken into serious consideration.  The discoveries will be by no means exhaustive but will provide a brief snapshot into other “worlds.”  Students will be held to a high standard of respect when discussing other cultures.
Grades:  K-3  Limit: 15
Mondays:  3:00-4:00 PM
Advisor:  Hannah Zimmerman
Cost $72.00           FLEX Cost  $52.00

TUESDAY Club meeting dates Oct. 24, 31; Nov. 7, 14, 28; Dec. 5

Art Club
This session we will focus on using a variety of materials to create fall and winter themed projects.
We will have fun designing and sewing fleece critters, drawing steaming hot chocolate mugs, painting winter birds on canvas and making a clay ornament. Come join the fun in the art room!
Grades 1-8  Limit:  12
Tuesdays:  3:00-4:00 PM
Advisor:  Gwen Eberly

The Outings Club
Do you enjoy being outside and discovering new places?  There are many hidden green spaces and parks within walking distance of The New School.  Get some exercise, be outside, have some fun, and discover new areas in your community.  Join us for outdoor adventures in The Outings Club.
Grades: 1-8         Limit: 10
Advisor: Jeanine Garella Standish

WEDNESDAY Club meeting dates Oct. 25; Nov. 1, 8, 15, 29; Dec. 6

Morning Adventures & Movement Club
Feel like a little outside active time before school?  Join your friends for some morning adventure!  We will run around, explore nature, play some games, and venture off campus a bit.  Come out and have some fun with the Morning Adventures and Movement Club…in the morning!!
Grades:  1-8        Limit: 10
Wednesdays:  7:15 – 8:15 AM
Advisor:  Jeanine Garella Standish
Cost:  $ 72.00    EARLY BIRDS Cost  $52.00

Dramatic Revue Club
Do you like making up stories? Dramatic Revue Club will provide you with an opportunity to make up stories with friends and act them out for each other.  We’ll have a heavy focus on improvisational skits, as well as acting exercises to improve projection and emotion when portraying characters. Also, we’ll perform!  On Wednesday, November 15, club will be extended to allow for a rehearsal, a pizza meal, and a participatory performance @ 5:15 pm with your family and friends. Come take center stage with us!
Grades: 4-8         Limit: 20
Wednesdays:  3:00 – 4:15 PM, except Nov. 15 3:00-6:15 p.m.
Advisor:  Leah Bacon
Cost:  $ 100.00   FLEX Cost $75.00

THURSDAY Club meeting dates Oct. 26; Nov. 2, 9, 16, 30; Dec. 7

Tai Chi Club
Students will learn wellness exercises inspired by the forces of nature and movements of animals. We will explore how Tai Chi provides insight into Chinese culture and a traditional view of health. Through gentle non-confrontational hands-on exercises, we will also explore how Tai Chi’s self-defense principles are compatible with a non-violent response to aggression.  Tim Regan began his study of Tai Chi in 1988 adding Qigong, Xinggyi,and Bagua for both health promotion and self-defense. He has studios in both Connecticut and Pennsylvania and his M.A. in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College.  His little girl is a student here.
Grades: 4-8           Limit: 12
Thursdays:  3:00-4:00 PM
Advisor:  Tim Regan
Cost $72.00  FLEX Cost $52.00


Kids Fit Club Round 2
Hey Kids!  Are you ready for MORE fun and games?  Did you miss session one?  Let’s continue our games and activities and welcome more new friends!  We’ll meet weekly, play many different active games and learn new ways to get stronger and have fun while burning up that extra energy.  You’ll get a great workout and not even realize it when you turn fitness into fun!  All you need is a pair of sneakers and a good attitude!
Grades 1-8          Limit: 20
Thursdays:  3:00-4:00 PM
Advisor:  Kristie Nies
Cost $72.00  FLEX Cost $52.00

The Outings Club
Do you enjoy being outside and discovering new places?  There are many hidden green spaces and parks within walking distance of The New School.  Get some exercise, be outside, have some fun, and discover new areas in your community.  Join us for outdoor adventures in The Outings Club.
Grades: 1-8         Limit: 10
Tuesday and/or Thursday  3:00 – 6:00 PM * Each day we will go to a different place…so if you would like…you could join this club for both days.
Advisor: Jeanine Garella Standish
Cost $ 210.00 per day FLEX Cost $175.00  per day
Cost $420 for BOTH days weekly, FLEX Cost $350 for BOTH days weekly

FRIDAY Club meeting dates Oct. 27; Nov. 10, 17; Dec. 1, 8

Music – No Strings Attached, The Young Composer Program
We are excited to offer NO STRING ATTACHED, a Young Composer Program in our after school.  Tina Davidson, a nationally known composer who lives locally in Lancaster, will teach children to build instruments from recycled materials, and create their own music through graphic and invented notations.  At the end of the six-week program, students will perform their works at the Winter concert.  This is a wonderful opportunity for a musical enrichment that gets to the heart of music – that act of creating one’s own songs.  More information about Tina Davidson can be found here.

Tina Davidson is a highly regarded American composer, who creates music that stands out for its emotional depth and lyrical dignity.  She has been acclaimed for her authentic voice, her  “vivid ear for harmony and colors” (New York Times) and her works of “transfigured beauty” (OperaNews).  Over her fourty-five year career, she has been commissioned by well known ensembles such as National Symphony Orchestra, OperaDelaware, The Philadelphia Orchestra,  Kronos Quartet, public television (WHYY-TV) and most recently, grammy winning violinist Hilary Hahn.
Grades: 4-8          Limit: 10
Thursdays 3:00-4:30 PM
Advisor: Tina Davidson
Cost $ 250.00  FLEX Cost $225.00

Library Council
Members will learn all about what it takes to organize and run a library and media center. Using our own elementary library, we will learn about the Dewey Decimal system, importance of alphabetizing, how to check items in and out and re-shelve books.  This knowledge will equip students to help their classmates as well as open the door to the library sciences and possible career tracks.
Grades 3-6          Limit: 8  Class will be held in the elementary library.
Fridays:  3:00-4:00 PM
Advisor:  Jessica Shrock, Librarian
Cost $60.00  FLEX Cost $35.00