NSoL Success at North Museum Science and Engineering Fair

We celebrate our nineteen students who did an amazing job at the North Museum Science and Engineering Fair on Thursday, March 14th, 2019.  They were polished, poised, polite and ready to discuss their work with the judges. Each student worked hard on her / his project and chatted with the judges about the details and limitations of their research. Each of them represented the New School’s values beautifully, especially during the awards ceremony. Congratulations to all for their participation and to those who won awards!

  • Claire Thompson won awards from Creative Solutions to Lancaster County Problems and the Izaac Walton League for “Can the Crushed Shells of an Invasive Species Improve Water Quality by Reducing Nitrate Levels?”
  • Greta Shumaker won The Lancaster Farm and Home award for “Which soil is best for propagating succulents?”
  • Maddalena Masciale Walmer won a Broadcom Masters award and 1st place in Consumer Science for “The Contaminant Levels in Local Schools’ Water Fountains”
  • Miazha Smith won a Broadcom Masters Award and 2nd place in Plant Science for “The differences of bean plant growth at varying wavelengths of light”
  • Rose Carlson won a Broadcom Masters award, a NOAA Taking the Pulse of the Planet award, and 2nd place in Earth Science for “What is the effect of fertilizer on the growth of algae found in the Chesapeake Bay?”
  • Sara Holler won an Honorable Mention in Plant Science for “How Do Different Types of Soil Affect Bean Seed Germination?”
  • Tessa Locke won a Broadcom Masters award and 3rd place in Physical Science for “How does the number of blades affect the amount of power generated by a wind turbine?”
  • Xyla Carlson won Junior Reserve Champion for “Does Selective Hydrotropism Exist?” You can read more about Xyla in Friday’s issue of the LNP.