What’s NEW with Fall Fest?

Historically a fan of NSoL’s Fall Fest? We are trying something NEW this year! Join The New School of Lancaster community as we participate in Lancaster MusicFest as a Platinum Sponsor.

Lancaster MusicFest is an all-day outdoor festival to benefit Children’s Miracle Network.  MusicFest will be held at Buchanan Park on September 8, 2018, featuring local music acts from Lancaster County.  The event will also feature food from local restaurants and food trucks, a beer garden, hot-air balloon rides, and plenty of space to relax with friends.  Join us noon until 4:00 PM.  We are excited to engage with the larger Lancaster community.  Wear your NSoL swag to help identify us to others and help spread the word about why NSoL is the right fit for your family.

Tickets: As a NSoL family, you are already registered for this event.  If you missed it, search your personal email for “MusicFest” or “717 Event Management.”  Entry for your family is gratis.

MusicFest After Party will be at Tellus from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM.  Arrive before 9 PM to enter free.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Raffle: If you are interested in a bird’s eye view of Lancaster County from a hot air balloon, visit our NSoL tent by 2:00 PM to enter free of charge. The winner will be drawn at our tent at 3:00 PM. You must be present to win. One rider must be older than 18.  The other rider must be at least 4′ tall.

Volunteers needed to help set up and/or “chase” the hot air balloon.  Please email Eric or reply to this email.

Weather Update

Good evening NSoL families,

The New School strives to provide a prepared environment for the students each and every day. Today we checked classroom temperatures at 6 am, after running the units overnight, and found that several classrooms actually had rising temperatures overnight. At that time, we anticipated that as the sun came up, students arrived and outside temperatures increased, we would not have an environment conducive to learning.

The forecast high tomorrow is for 89 degrees and we are hopeful that the lower temperatures will allow for our window units to keep up with the summer heat outside. It is our intention for students to attend for a full day and as scheduled. We will once again inspect the building early tomorrow morning and anticipate that the show will go on!

Thank you for your understanding and we will see you tomorrow.

Don’t Miss NSoL @ Lancaster MusicFest

Lancaster MusicFest is an all-day outdoor music festival experience to benefit Children’s Miracle Network. MusicFest will be held in Lancaster City at Buchanan Park on September 8, 2018, featuring local music acts from Lancaster County. The event will also feature food from local restaurants and food trucks, a beer garden, hot-air balloon rides, and plenty of space to relax with friends, all in a fresh air festival environment.

For NSoL families attending, be sure to wear your NSoL swag/spirit wear!

Join NSoL Administrative Team

Front Desk Officer

  • The Front Desk Officer works as part of the Administration and Facilities unit, monitoring and managing the flow of visitors and students, responsible for time-keeping and recording all student attendance, sign in and out for students and records for external persons who wish to take up business with the school.
  • As a Front Desk Officer you are in charge of reviewing the interest and purpose of guests who wish to gain entry  and must communicate with administration for reporting suspicious activity and denial of entry.

Skills that Front Desk should posses

  • The Front Desk Officer must be skilled with the use of professional communications etiquette over the phone. email and in person, having to interact with parents, students and employees.
  • The Front Desk Officer should have great interpersonal skills, and the skill to communicate in a professional, pleasant and helpful demeanor.
  • The Front Desk officer shall be able to react calmly and follow emergency procedures if one should arise.

Work Related Expectations:

  • A successful candidate should be skilled in the latest technology usage for telephony and computing including Microsoft office and Filemaker Pro or other database.
  • A successful candidate will be able to prioritize daily tasks and more emergent issues as they arise.
  • The Front Desk Officer must have outstanding communication skills, as they will be interacting with all forms of persons who enter the premises. They should be able to adjust their communication style depending on who they interact with and  specific demands

Interested applicants should complete the Employment Application and direct inquires or questions to Day Waters.