Maria’s Table 2020 – What can you donate?

  • Gift Cards

Do you have a gift card to your favorite restaurant or store? These make wonderful auction items.

  • Services

Do you own a business or work at a company that would donate a service? A day of    

Landscaping, Spa, Painting Contractor or design firm… all would be appreciated.

  • Items

Are you a wood Carver? A Painter? A Quit Maker? We consider original works either from your hand or your collection.

  • Alcohol

Any unopened bottles of wine or liquor are greatly appreciated for Auction or Wine Toss.

  • Vacation Homes

If you have a vacation home that sits empty for part of the year we’d love to chat about how donating just a weekend would make such a huge impact to this year’s fundraiser!

  • Underwriting

Some auction items require tickets to be purchased or experiences to be pre-paid, if you’d like to help off-set some of these costs, your monetary donation is welcomed!

  • Experiences

Hershey park tickets, theatre tickets, a week at summer camp, a pool party, private dinner party, the possibilities are endless!

How to donate? Just click here and submit your donation details.

Questions? Contact parent volunteers Heather Bowser or Bree Gillespie