What is the New School Family Association (NSFA)?

Welcome to the source for parents with information about how you can be connected here at The New School of Lancaster!

Remember all parents at the New School are part of the Family Association!

The NSFA is committed to promoting and supporting The New School’s educational experience by fostering a spirit of community through open communication and cooperation between parents, students and faculty/staff. The great experience our children have here would not be possible without your continued support and contributions.  The New School Family Association has three main areas of focus for this year:

Goal 1

To build more connection between parents and the school (teachers/staff) through increased communication and opportunities to contribute to the enriching experiences of our children.

Much of this will be done through coordination of volunteers for events and activities through room parents and through this webpage.  We need all levels of volunteering to continue to support the many great activities that already take place at the New School.  For example, you can choose to lead or co-lead events, offer an hour or two of time, or simply drop off supplies,  whatever level works with your availability!

Goal 2

Build connection among parents through social events and working together to enrich to school community

Goal 3

Identify the main functions and the structural organization of a New School Family Association; this will include research of past NSPA and other models to create a plan that fits this community moving forward.