Testimonial by Marcy Radcliffe

“We are often asked how we decided to keep our children at the New School for their elementary and middle school years. Luckily, after looking at other schools in the area our decision was much easier than we expected. What the New School provides is a wonderful environment where children are able to become active learners. The added bonus is the level of respect they learn for their peers, their teachers and the environment. We couldn’t find that combination anywhere else.

Our oldest daughter is now a sophomore in High School and the years she spent at The New School are so evident in her ability to handle class work, social situations and having a strong sense of self while navigating those teenage years. It is hard as parents to predict the outcome of decisions we make for our children during those early years. The New School has given us the ability to see the positive effect of those choices and how they continue to shape and form our daughters as they become young adults. “