Although New School Montessori is operating in-person for the 2020-2021 school year, we understand that some families do not yet wish to return their students to the classroom but desire to continue to be a part of the school. In this vein, we are offering the following virtual primary program for the upcoming school year.
Some of the basic tenets of the Montessori method of education for the young child are freedom of movement, hands-on learning and exploration of the world. Holding to these developmental guidelines, we want to limit your young child’s exposure to time spent on a screen. In that light, we offer the following: • Daily circle time streamed directly from the classroom (interactive) • Daily outdoor recess time with class (if desired) • An initial materials box  with monthly supplemental boxes • Monthly curriculum plan curated to match your child’s developmental level • Video presentations of the Montessori lessons for you and your child to watch prior to working with the materials • Weekly parent (virtual) meetings with a Montessori Certified Educator to help plan ongoing curriculum, share learning and troubleshoot difficulties.  

Materials Box:

Materials box will include items from each area of the classroom dependent on your child’s age and developmental readiness. The three-year-old box may contain: Button Snake Snap clip work, Snapping Ribbon, Tongs, Pom poms, Small spray bottle, Small bar of soap, Scrub brush, Small wash cloths, Two pitchers, Flower vase, Plastic beads, String Pipe cleaners, Water color paint set, Magnifying glass, Printed Number Rods, Printed Numeral Cards, 3D printed short bead stair, 55 Counters, Vocabulary Cards (to be used for multiple activities) Go Together Cards, Printed alphabet cards,Felt World Map

Sample Lesson:

Sample Lesson: I Spy with Objects (click to view) This lesson can be used with all primary aged children. The first lesson involves the beginning sounds but subsequent lessons can involve ending and middle sounds after the initial sounds are mastered. Direct Aim: phonological awareness (sounds in words) Indirect Aim: Preparation for reading and writing Materials: 3-5 interesting objects with different beginning sounds YouTube Video
$485 monthly for first student, $200 each additional