Age Range: Ages 6 years to 9 years (age as of August 31st) (Grades 1–3)
Time: 8:15 AM – 2:45 PM
Class Days: Monday through Friday
Where: Lancaster City 

Our Montessori Early Elementary Program provides collaborative communities that foster order, respect, and a child’s innate desire to learn. Multi-age classrooms allow students to work together and learn from each other. Our teaching method respects individual differences and learning styles. Specially designed materials lead from concrete experience to abstract knowledge. Our integrated approach to learning encourages universal thinking. The curriculum becomes increasingly integrated so that what most adults call “subjects” are rather facets of a larger design.

We employ a holistic curriculum that is responsive to sensitive periods in the child’s development. The curriculum spirals on itself, picking up on direct and indirect preparations for each new step, widening and deepening the child’s knowledge as it continues. All early elementary students study reading and language, mathematics, foreign language, science, and cultural studies. In addition, elementary students participate in music, art, physical education, and community outreach.

Students develop fundamental academic skills… complete specific work every day… work independently… work in groups… practice respect… study their outdoor environment… develop self-discipline… attend structured lessons… study foreign language… use tactile learning tools… move from concrete concepts to abstract understanding.

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