Montessori materials use real objects and actions to translate abstract ideas into concrete form. The “Golden Beads” are a foundational material in math learning and are used to represent the decimal system. I hope you will consider making The Golden Bead Fund your philanthropic priority while your child is here at The New School so that we can continue to translate abstract ideas into a concrete benefit for both our community and the world at large: learners who are true citizens.

Annual giving is the lifeblood of the School. Each year, all annual fund contributions support the School’s general operating budget to help offset expenses not covered by tuition. Every gift, regardless of size, is important in helping to make up that difference. In honor of our 25th year, we have established our annual giving campaign as The Golden Bead Fund. Your gift to The Golden Bead Fund immediately benefits each student and faculty member, supports school programs, and provides for the ongoing development of enriching experience for our students. The dollars raised go directly into the operating budget and are used the same year they are received.

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