Age Range: Ages 3 to 6 Years (as of 10/31)
Class Days: Five half or full days
Kindergarten: Five full days, 8:30 AM– 2:50 PM
Where: Lancaster City 

Experience the magic of Montessori education and the beauty of the Spanish language all in one place with New School Montessori Casa de Ninos program. Designed specifically for young learners ages 3-6, our program seamlessly integrates Spanish immersion within the Montessori curriculum.

New School Montessori Casa de Ninos allows your child to become an active explorer of language and culture. Our skilled native Spanish-speaking educators nurture each child’s inquisitiveness and curiosity, encouraging an organic acquisition of the Spanish language. Your child will learn Spanish naturally, immersed in enriching activities and experiences that make learning fun and meaningful.
We recognize the absorbent nature of the young mind and work to foster cognitive, social, and emotional development through hands-on learning. In true Montessori fashion, we encourage children to learn at their own pace in a prepared environment that stimulates their senses, sparks their curiosity, and fosters self-discovery.
The curriculum of Montessori Casa de Ninos is themed around everyday life activities and contexts to promote practical application of the language. From storytime, songs, and cultural explorations to practical life activities and sensorial work, children learn the language not just as a subject but as a living, breathing part of their day.
In our multicultural classrooms, we celebrate diversity and promote cultural competence. By exposing children to Spanish customs, traditions, and celebrations, we hope to cultivate a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of Hispanic culture.
Our ultimate aim is to foster a lifelong love of learning, language, and culture in your child. By the end of their journey with us, your child will be equipped with a strong foundation in Spanish, and have honed their skills in creativity, problem-solving, and independence, in line with the Montessori philosophy.
Join us at New School Montessori Casa de Ninos and let your child embark on an incredible journey of language learning and cultural discovery.

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