Age Range: Ages 3 (as of October 31st) to 6 Years
Time: 8:30 AM – 11:45 AM for morning, 8:30 AM– 2:50 PM for full day
Class Days: Five half or full days
Kindergarten: Five full days, 8:30 AM– 2:50 PM
Where: Lancaster City & Manheim Township

Our Montessori Primary Program focuses on developing the whole child, integrating all aspects of development into a meaningful, joyful experience. This is an important time for cognitive, social, emotional, and motor development in children.

Young children thrive on consistency, and regular attendance provides both the continuity that they need and helps to create the culture of empowerment and order that defines a true community of children. Students who come one day, miss the next, and then come again, commonly find it much more difficult to adapt to the class routine and make social connections. The benefits of a Montessori program reach their full potential when all students attend regularly, five days a week.

Children work independently at their own pace… use hands-on materials to engage their senses… learn essential tools for reading, writing, and math… learn respect for each other… gain self-confidence… enjoy circle times…outdoor recreation…  exposure to global interconnectedness… participate in a group… become part of a community… experience hands-on zoology, geography, and botany… and develop a love of learning.

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