This is a free event for NSM Families.

How can we help our children navigate coming of age in a world where nearly every moment of their lives can be shared and compared? How can we help them navigate all the firsts? First Roblox playdate? First social media account? First phone? We can track our children’s every move with apps, see their grades within minutes of them being posted, and fixate on their digital footprint, anxious that a misstep could cause them to be ostracized or even jeopardize their admission to college. How can they figure out who they really are with zero privacy and constant judgment? Heitner shows us that mentoring and not just monitoring kids will help us understand and support our kids, building our relationships with them, AND helping them be successful in digital spaces. This webinar is for parents and caregivers of elementary through high school children.

The ISACS Parent Series is presented in collaboration with ACIS, ADVIS & PAIS

NSM Families can find the pre-registration link in our weekly newsletter, SNAP, when it becomes available (usually a week or 2 before the program).