For over a century, the clocks of the Hamilton Watch Company building have shone out over the west end of Lancaster PA. With its impressive architecture and rich history, the building is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was the first industrial building in Lancaster to be converted into residences, appropriately named Clock Towers.
Repairs have been made to the clocks over the years, but now a complete overhaul is needed. The eight clock faces, which are exposed to the weather, have been damaged and need to be replaced with precision-crafted replicas, and the intricate mechanisms need to be cleaned and repaired. This requires the services of expert horologists and restoration specialists, who have given us an estimate of $45,000 for the project.
If you are a Hamilton Watch enthusiast or want to be part of preserving Lancaster heritage for generations to come, or have just enjoyed seeing the clocks as you drive along Columbia Avenue, you are invited to donate and to share this appeal. Check out the Clock Towers Condominium Association Facebook page for more information on the clocks, and progress on the upcoming restoration.

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